Assessment of The Potential Effects of Policy Responses and Public Financial Management (PFM) Adjustment for The Continuation of Four Essential Public Health Services at The Primary Health Care Centre (PHC) Level during The Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Since 2020, the Government of Indonesia has been adjusting its policy settings and refocusing and reallocating its budget to accelerate the COVID-19 pandemic response. These policy responses could impact on other essential health services, including maternal and child health (MCH), immunisation, nutrition, and family planning during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report aims to rapidly assess the effect of policy and financial adjustments of these four services, identify the obstacles, and recommend improvements to the delivery of health services during the pandemic. 

The report consists of four chapters:
Chapter One: Introduction
This chapter presents background of the study, general and specific objectives, as well as the targeted outputs of this assessment.

Chapter Two: Framework and Methodology
Chapter 2 describes the theoretical framework, methodology, and implementation of the study. The theoretical framework is imperative for navigating the assessment process, by adopting three components of public financial management covering budget formulation, execution, and monitoring.

Chapter Three: Results and Discussion
In this chapter we present the findings from in-depth interviews and the secondary data collection process.

Chapter Four: Conclusions, Study Limitations, and Recommendations
The final chapter consists of the study conclusions, limitations, and recommendations for the relevant stakeholders to improve these essential public health services
during future emergencies. These are specifically addressed to the Ministry of Health (MoH), Provincial Health Offices (PHOs), District Health Offices (DHOs), Primary Health Care Centres (PHCs), private midwifery practices, and academic researchers.