Food vs. Food Stamps: Evidence from an At-Scale Experiment in Indonesia

09 March 2022

Governments seeking to provide food assistance have a choice between providing in-kind food directly to beneficiaries or providing vouchers that can be used to purchase food on the market. To understand the differences between these policies, the Government of Indonesia randomly phased in the transi

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10 July 2018
Partnership Between TNP2K And Sinarmas For Stunting Prevention Programs

Tim Nasional Percepatan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan (TNP2K) bersama dengan Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi...

05 July 2018
VP Visits Pilot Village

Wakil Presiden Jusuf Kalla dan Presiden Bank Dunia Jim Young Kim meninjau desa Dakung Lombok Te...

04 July 2018
TNP2K And Presidential Staff Office Invite Private Sectors To Address Stunting

Satu dari tiga anak Indonesia menderita gagal tumbuh akibat kurang gizi kronis atau disebut stunting...

31 May 2018
Empowering Communities in Remote Areas: Improving Basic Education Services

Monthly Evaluation Meeting Between User Committee and Teachers in one of KIAT Guru Pilot Elementa...

23 May 2018
Anticipating the Growth of Elderly Population: Indonesia and Australia Promote Social Protection for the Elderly

Indonesian and international aged care experts yesterday gathered at the Borobudur hotel to talk abo...

09 May 2018
TNP2K Launches Budget Advocacy Model

Pemerintah Indonesia terus berusaha mengoptimalkan peran daerah dalam percepatan pengurangan kemiski...

09 May 2018
TNP2K and Minister of Education To Handover KIAT GURU Pilot Program To Local Government

TNP2K along with Ministry of Education and Culture-Directorate General of Teachers and Education Per...

16 March 2018
Student Learning Assessment (SLA) Instruments, and Their Administration and Utilization by Community Members and Teachers to Focus on Improving Learning

Student Learning Assessment (SLA) Instruments, and Their Administration and Utilization by Communi...

01 March 2018
TNP2K Encourages the Utilization of Integrated Data to Accelerate Regional Poverty Reduction

Despite the slow pace of decline in poverty, the government continues to seek a breakthrough to tack...