Reform of Adaptive Social Protection System to All Situations and Conditions

02 June 2022

Pandemi Covid-19 yang terjadi selama kurang lebih 2 tahunan lebih telah berdampak sangat besar bagi seluruh negara, tak terkecuali Indonesia. Jutaan masyarakat merasakan kerugian dari adanya pandemi ini, terlebih bagi masyarakat kelompok rentan seperti anak-anak, lansia, fakir miskin, wanita, dan di

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15 July 2014
Three Bupati Decrees to Boost Teachers Performance and Accountability are Published

  Nota Kesepakatan Kerjasama antara TNP2K dengan Bupati Keerom (Papua), Kaimana (Papua Barat...

08 July 2014
5 Million Hits for TNP2K website

The National Team for the Acceleration of Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) announces that more than 5 mil...

24 June 2014
TNP2K Facilitates Seminar on Branchless Banking for Financial Inclusion

Boosting financial services access to the poor not only requires an effective financial services mo...

20 June 2014
Focus Group Discussion: Sustainability of the National Programme for Community Empowerment (PNPM)

Approaches towards building community empowerment have been attempted through a variety of develop...

20 June 2014
VP: Regional Governments Play Important Role in Implementing JKN Programme

Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Prof. Dr. Boediono in a speech delivered at the opening...

19 June 2014
Radio Talkshow Campaign held to Promote Raskin in 2014

Sri Kusumastuti Rahayu, Head of Cluster 1 Working Group at the National Team for the Acceleration o...

16 June 2014
Raskin rice given to recipients is not of poor quality

“The price of rice from the subsidised rice for low-income families programme (Raskin) is Rp 1,60...

16 June 2014
Central Java sees second highest Raskin distribution rate in Indonesia

Achieving the correct target, correct quantity, correct quality, correct time, correct price and co...

11 June 2014
TNP2K launches IFLS-East 2012, its first for eastern Indonesia

The National Team for the Acceleration of the Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) on 11 June 2014 launched t...

10 June 2014
Social Assistance Card Minimises Irregularities in Raskin Distribution

"To suppress irregularities in the distribution of Raskin, the National Team for the Acceleration ...

06 June 2014
KPS Use Proves Successful in Increasing Raskin Beneficiary Quotas

"Use the Social Assistance Card (KPS), to access the Raskin programme," urged G. Fajar Suryono, Hea...

05 June 2014
Local Governments Must Commit Support for Programme Success

The success of the Subsidised Rice for Poor Households Programme (more commonly known as Raskin) i...