TNP2K Encourages the Utilization of Integrated Data to Accelerate Regional Poverty Reduction

01 March 2018

Despite the slow pace of decline in poverty, the government continues to seek a breakthrough to tackle poverty. In an effort to maintain the momentum of this declining rate, TNP2K conducted a workshop to improve the capacity of regional poverty reduction program planning by focusing on target program beneficiaries in Grand Mercure Harmoni Hotel, Central Jakarta.

In his opening remarks, TNP2K Executive Secretary Bambang Widianto said that with the various challenges facing the government, workshop participants are expected to make breakthroughs to reduce poverty, "TKPKD revitalization is very important in the present era, as it is a discussion forum linking central policies with apps in the area. This is necessary to meet the targets of poverty reduction by sharpening the targeting of poverty reduction programs, "said Bambang.

In the workshop, participants will receive materials on the use of integrated data managed by TNP2K. Participants are provided with understanding of the characteristics of integrated data and their utilization to determine the criteria of poverty reduction program targets. In addition, the trainers from TNP2K also explained how to visualize the results of applying target criteria from integrated data and simulation of target implementation results from sectorally integrated data.